About us The AEC Associates 
The AEC Associates as the name suggests, are your partners in this ever dynamic and invigorating domain; your service providers for all disciplines of architecture, engineering and construction industry. Our Design Support Services will assist you in all your drawing, drafting, documentation, CAD, BIM and value added services requirements.


A well-knit consortium of professionals, our combined experience spans across continents, millions of square feet in construction spread through a wide gamut of executed projects. Do not confuse us with other drafting companies, our focus is value added services and long term relationships with all our clients.


  • The AEC Associates was founded in 2010 and has now grown to over 50 people in 2 offices in India.
  • Our team consists of Architects, Engineers and Cad Technicians from top Architecture & Engineering schools in India and Globally.
  • Collective experience spans 3 continents, diverse domains and millions of square feet.


The entire world is growing and progressing by leaps and bounds, and with it, the AEC industry is also evolving. With the passage of each economic milestone, the AEC industry also experiences turbulence; it scales up when a new city or genre starts building momentum, gets bullish with the gradual or sudden upsurge, and also turns short of resources when the boom hits the peak.


Technically speaking, the story of the AEC industry can be summed up in one sentence – The first one hit by the Bust, and the last one to ride the Boom. However, the AEC industry of the modern times is prepping itself to be economy-quake proof, as the number of crests and troughs has weathered considerably in the last two decades, giving way to more sustainable progress.


This is where The AEC Associates fits in well and offers the following global resourcing benefits for your business:


  • Lower the Cost of Production & Documentation
  • Focus on Core Competencies
  • Lower Risk with Staffing
  • Lower Cost of Growth