3D Visualization Services


3D Visualization Services for Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry
What was conveyed via a wood or craft paper model not too long ago, now, as a mandate, requires a 3D rendition. Yes, 3D presentations are the new benchmark for presenting ideas and leaving a lasting impression.

To assist our clients in their endeavors, we provide the following services:

  • 3 Dimensional Still views: We create perspective views of the proposed design from angles mutually agreed upon. These views are then rendered in the relevant software, with chosen lighting. Working in an Architectural Environment, our graphic artists have a sound understanding of Architectural concepts and terminology. The input for our view is your CAD file, sketches, or even, at times, images that inspire the design. Whatever state we begin with, The AEC Associates deliver immaculate images of your creativity, rendered in the real colors, lights and shadows you envisaged, all ready to floor your client!


  • Animation and Walk-Through: Our animators ask you the right questions to ensure the right frames are animated, with the correct interval. Once again, our architectural environ helps broaden the vision of these artists, and makes them understand your needs fast.


  • We would be glad to run you through a presentation of our sample works, along with experiences and work methodology, to help you understand our processes in a better manner and take an informed decision.