2D CAD to 3D BIM Conversion

A majority of our satisfied clients are now asking for support during their first transition to BIM. And the reason is simple – they are moving on to better options with 2D CAD to 3D conversion.


Our teams, adept at meeting such demands, are pulling out all the stops to make it happen, and a majority of 2D CAD to 3D conversion requests received by us are for buildings that have already been constructed and are operational. This means that there is the extra responsibility of understanding the current state of the building with regards to maintenance, new extraneous features (if any) and other changes.


For buildings that are under 5 years of age, we begin the conversion process from the as-built CAD files and documentation. The present-day investigations are nominal, and serve the purpose of checking for any major factors that have the potential of changing the dynamics of the building model. In short, the rule of thumb is, the older the building, the lesser the relevance of ‘as-builts’, and the most the dependence on site discovery.


Many of our clients also utilize our 2D CAD to 3D conversion services to create a BIM model once the Schematic Design (SD) has been finalized. Hence, when the Drawing Studio is busy taking permits from the authorities and facilitates the bidding process for contractors, we work closely with the Design Team to prepare a BIM model from the CAD files of the SD stage. This is an intense procedure that requires a significant amount of time, and works best when handled with undivided attention of key team members working dedicatedly towards the project, adhering to a strict time schedule, and The AEC Associates are up for the task!