• Architectural CAD Services

    Global Resourcing For AEC Industry

    Global resourcing benefits for your business:

    Lower the Cost of Production & Documentation

    Focus on Core Competencies

    Lower Risk with Staffing

    Lower Cost of Growth

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  • Architectural Drafting Services

    The AEC Associates Advantage

    We believe that the benefits you derive from our services need to be better than just satiating your need for operational efficiency.

    Partnership Approach

    Delivering Business Value

    Deep Domain Expertise

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  • The AEC Associates Process

    The AEC Associates Process

    The parent process of the AEC Associates is essentially the ‘core of our being’, or our raison d'être, if you will. The pillars of this process are:

    The Brief




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  • bim modeling services outsourcing

    The AEC Associates Services

    Our Menu of Services is categorized into our understanding of the variety of tasks you may need our services for.

    CAD Documentation

    BIM Services

    CAD to BIM Conversion

    Presentation Services

    Project Management Services

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Architectural CAD Design, Drafting and BIM Modeling Outsourcing Services

About The AEC Associates

The AEC Associates as the name suggests, are your partners in this ever dynamic and invigorating domain; your service providers for all disciplines of architecture, engineering and construction industry. We will assist you in all your drawing, drafting, documentation, CAD, BIM and value added services requirements. With a well knit team of Architects, Engineers, CAD & BIM Professionals, The AEC Associates helps its clients: lower the cost of production & documentation, focus on core competencies, lower the risk associated with staffing and lower the cost of growth.

The AEC Associates Services

The AEC Associates Advantage

We, at the AEC Associates, believe that although we are your outsourcing partners, the benefits you derive from our services need to be better than just satiating your need for operational efficiency. We believe in:

  • A Partnership Approach
  • Operational Excellence
  • Deep Domain Expertize
  • Global Delivery Network
  • Business Value – because outsourcing partners are not outsiders anymore!
  • The AEC Associates Process

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    What our customers say?

    I can recommend The AEC Associates as a firm with an experienced and motivated team which is keen to delight their clients. They are fantastic to work with. The team makes all attempts to meet client objectives even when outside of their direct area of expertize.

    Project Team Leader at a Leading Construction Firm in Phoenix, AZ, USA